Transit 1

Curated by Barbican Creative Learning, Curious is a collaboration between a few 2015 CSM 3rd year Moving Image students and the students from Guildhall School Of Music & Drama, Master Leadership Course.

The collaboration is aimed to produce a series of performances, this year based on the theme of "The Journey" in which we combine and enrich each other art fields.


I've been collaborating with Stefan Iyapah, Tania Castro and Martins Baumanis for the creation of the opening piece of the exhibition: "Gate:Opening Act"








This piece explores the act of departure.

Through the symbol of the door we explore different natures of impetus that make us leave, inviting the audience to consider concepts such as opportunity and chance, courage to leave and to seize the moment, fear, risk, fulfilment and release.


A few shots from the experimentation process with the Guildhall team.