"Suck on this brief. Chew over viral advertising.


Objectives: Communicate a taste experience on the youtube video platform

Your task is to find the ‘sweet proposition’ from traditional sweet. 

SUCK & CHEW, Columbia Road have kindly provided the goodies.

Communicate in an unexpected way why someone should buy your sweet."




                                                                                          The Brief

The sweet we chose: "Love Hearts"


An advertising campaign for "Love Hearts"

by Sofia Aronov and Nikita Rao 


Sound by

Heymoonshaker / Dave Crowe Mouth Percussion 


The campaign video exploits the characteristics of embossed paper to create the heart beat effect, visible through the shadows of the relief.

The heart has been designed and realized in acrylic laser-cut and then imprinted on paper using an embossing press, to create a series of different relieves.The embossed hearts sequence is then placed into a stop motion that creates the illusion of the beat. The relief intensity and the heart movement have been then refined in PS.

Design by Sofia Aronov