“Iride” explores and celebrates the Iris, an all its possible shades, colours, patterns and shapes.

The element of the iris got my attention because of its beautiful features, but also because of its enigmatic appearance, which can easily be abstracted and detached from the body, to be transformed into a powerful graphic element.

Although the main element of this piece is given by photography, analogue craft always recurs, as in all my projects, in its process and realization.



I asked CSM people to pose for me and let me catch in detail their irises with a macro lens. Eyes that in appearance present subtle differences, revealed astonishing details in material, dimension, direction, colours, shades and lines.


Maybe due to the eye material and consistency, I automatically made a link to water, to its sound and propagation. I decided to use water as a starting point, not only for the sound of this piece, but for its visual transitions too.

The transition between each eye has been realized by capturing and manipulating the expanding stain of a drop of ink on absorbent paper.