Together with “Heart of an Evolving Icon”, animation created and shortlisted for the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir CSM competition, I have carried on further ideas to integrate the L.12.12 White & Noir fragrances promotion to the city environment, designing interactive solutions based on the use of time change, natural light and shadow to distinguish and at the same time join together the two fragrances.

Day and Night, Light and Shadow,

Black and White often coexist and imply each other.

Using light and shadows it is possible to create installations which advertise both the white fragrance (light) and the opposite new black one: “Noir” (shadow).

An effective installation could be designed exploiting the effect of the sun position instead of using an artificial light, making the installation possible also in open spaces.


The sun light during the evening re­veals the “Noir” by pro­jecting the bottle shape directly on the wall.

A similar idea involves instead artificial light:



White acrylic bottle in the middle of a frame made out with the same material. The two parts are linked by transparent plexiglass. The writings “black” and “white” ( should be “Noir” and “Blanc”) are written on the ground and on the wall behind the plexiglass piece. In the night a light led square inserted in the wall illuminates in 45° the plexiglass in front of it, projecting the bottle and the frame shadow on the ground (where is already written “Noir”). In this way we get the “Blanc” ad during the day and the “Noir” one during the night, using the same plexiglass installation.