“For the content of your book, we are asking you to research a member of your family (at least 10 years older than you).

You will use this research to design a book that will communicate the character and identity of your selected person. ”

מפות חיים

One Life's Map



I chose to represent my father. I've explored his passions, his personality, his history and origins, I started developing several ideas, each one focusing on a different particular of him. 


Than I thought... Wrinkles.


What better than his wrinkles to describe and melt together every aspect of his life? They are the physical synthesis of every event and experience, of his life itself.

In these three books I represent the journey of his wrinkles, from youth till now and, with it, the maps of his life. I wanted to exalt the sense of touch more than the sight.

So, to realize the wrinkles, I’ve carved them into soft gum; than I’ve printed them and embossed them with embossing powder.

Carved gum plates

Embossing powder, stamp and dryer

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