A stop motion animation by:


Sofia Aronov

Nikita Rao

Stefan Iyapah



We have started our project with a rigorous research about synesthesia: its basis, its effect on human senses and perception and the different kinds of correspondences it creates between senses: numbers and colours, dates and space position, sound and images… Once we have chosen the music – a powerful piece by Vivaldi: “Follia” – we have analysed its components an instruments. We carried on matching every different sound with visuals, on the base of a survey each of us did. After long discussions and several experiments we decided to focus only on shapes and colours, synchronizing their position and movements with the music, aiming to recreate a narrative which could express the feelings emanated from Follia and, at the same time, adapt every detail to the synesthetic experience.

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The Process

The Making Of

The Idea