Triangular System

 Our world’s grid system is based on a rectangular, orthogonal structure/module, therefore most of the things that surround us follow this scheme. What would happen if our modular system was not based on a rectangular shape but on a triangle? Of course there would be a huge change in the physiognomy, the meaning and the communication effect of most of the things that surround us, especially in most of the subjects related to graphic design, such as typography, publishing, packaging but also illustration, 3D/architecture, mapping, fashion, etc… My aim for this project is to explore the already existent grid system to determine how my own hypothetical triangular alternative should develop.  


Thanks to Konstantin Zhukov, Nikita Rao, Saul Aiden & Joan Cai.



TYPOGRAPHY:     The Alphabet

ultima mod.png
ultima mod.png

PUBLISHING:       The Layout