To celebrate the launch of their new Columbus Circle location, we collaborated with Nordstrom to create an enchanting in-store experience. Leveraging New York’s Street Style/Fashion Story to generate buzz and awareness around the new Menswear store in Columbus Circle, NYC.


Physical scenes combined with augmented fashion photography and animated graphics, bring NYC street style culture right into the store. 3 physical sets represent surreal street-inspired scenes, each one providing clues about hidden fashion narratives.

When users scan the scenes with provided tablets, they open a window into an immersive world that merges the physical and virtual, revealing the characters that populate NYC streets. Models with Nordstrom selected garments instantly appear on the physical sets to complete the narratives, together with fun glitches an sleek animated graphics.


Nordstrom Street Style is glimpse into the future of retail: a new, innovative way to tell the classic fashion story.



Client: Nordstrom

Agency: Fake Love


Creative Direction: Craig Smith

Creative: Sofia Aronov

Art Direction: Sofia Aronov

Graphic Design: Sofia Aronov, Austin Watts

Concept Art: Sofia Aronov, Kurt Huggins

Animation: Sofia Aronov

Technology: Gene Han, Joshue Ott

Production: Ryan Decker

Agency Producer: Beba Cristiana

Fabrication: SFDS LLC

Photography: Clement Pascal

Models: Lewis Carter, Ralph Souffrant, Luca Bertea

The Making Of