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Xé is the result of a three months collaboration with musician Tania Castro, who contacted Stef and I to be part of the ideation and production of what would have become her final performance at Guildhall School of Music, London.

In Panches language of the Pre-Columbian Tolima culture, Xé means a very mighty human. The performance explores this pre-Hispanic relationship to gold and in turn challenges our own relationship and definitions of this natural element. 

The whole production process reflects closely the concept behind the piece and so do the materials we used. Every animation starts with purely physical interactions which include the use of materials connected to the three matter states: liquid, solid, and gas.



Personal Project




New Yrok-London


Creative Direction:

Tania Castro Arias, 

Sofia Aronov, Stefan Iyapah

Animation & Art Direction: 

Sofia Aronov, Stefan Iyapah

Original Music: 

Gustavo Clayton-Marucci

and Lara Eidi 

Performance & Dance:

Camille Mallet de Chauny

and Lucie Fletcher 

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